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My original focus was on the herbs and herb products  used in homes of the previous centuries.  Throughout the years, my merchandise expanded to a variety of household wares,  books, and period clothing.  In 2017 I changed the name of my sutlery to The Backcountry Peddler, in order to convey more accurately what I really do.


In 2018, I made an even bigger change, by moving my business into a brick and mortar storefront in the historic city of Salisbury, NC.  

Three years later in 2021, the store from its first location on Main Street to a larger space on N. Lee Street in Salisbury.  


Hi!  I'm Janet Pyatt, the Backcountry Peddler.


I began in 2008 as a home-based business called  Pyatt's Herbs and More.  For the last fourteen years, I have traveled as a sutler to historical reenactments and historic site festivals throughout the Carolinas and Virginia, offering a variety of wares appropriate to American homes of the 18th and 19th centuries. 







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Today, The Backcountry Peddler  offers a fine selection of wares related to historical interpretation and reenactment.  These include books related to the history of America in the seventeenth thru early twentieth centuries, with an emphasis on North and South Carolina;  period clothing for men, women and children; dried herbs and historical  herb products;  and more items found in American homes of past times.

                       So come on in and look around!

Let me know how I can help you!

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