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About Our Period Clothing

The Backcountry Peddler offers a fine selection of historical clothing for men, women, and children.   All items are made of natural fibers -- 100% cotton, linen, silk, wool, and blends of these --  unless otherwise stated, using colors and patterns carefully selected to reflect the time period.  





Pants, Shirts & Waistcoats - Dirk & Ryan

We use both machine and hand stitching.  Inside or unseen seams are made by machine and finished to prevent raveling, while top stitching, button holes, hems, and other outwardly visible seams are sewn by hand.  Completely hand-stitched garments are available upon request, with pricing that reflects the additional time and labor required.  .

Trade Shirt - Will Caldwell

We also offer some garments in a "more with machine" version that features machine-stitched buttonholes, topstitching, and hems for a lower price when acceptable and desired.   To make buying a period look even more economical, we offer some items in a "finish it yourself" version.  This applies particularly for women's and girls' items that require less tailoring and more hemming.  You can purchase the item unfinished and do the  hand hemming and finishing yourself, thus getting the authentic look of hand stitching at a lower price.  

Most of our garments are based on published patterns, tempered by our own research and observations.  We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to those who have researched and recreated historical garments and published their results; therefore, we at The Backcountry Peddler are happy to purchase their patterns, seek their permissions to use them for our customers, and give credit where it is so richly due.  To that end, we thank the makers of Period Impressions, Fig Leaf Patterns, Tailor's Guide, Kannick's Korner, Mill Farm patterns, and others that you will find mentioned in the descriptions of our garments. 


The garments offered here are primarily from the 18th and 19th centuries; however, we are happy to work with you if you are interested in another historical period.   

Most items are made when ordered.    That means that we can do a considerable amount of customization in size, fabrics and styles.  Items and sizes not shown below may be specially ordered.  We are also happy to accommodate your requests  in details such as width of collar or cuffs, inclusion of pockets where appropriate, and fabrics (though for particular fabrics may require an adjustment in price).  **Please allow us plenty of time to complete orders.  Ordering a season ahead of the time you need it is a good idea.

Peddler Shoppers

Finally, MAKE SURE WHAT YOU ORDER MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS OF YOUR UNIT, LIVING HISTORY GROUP OR HISTORIC SITE.  Several different standards of historical authenticity are accepted in the living history community.  We rely on you to help us understand the requirements of your living history activities. 

Return policy: Items that don't fit can be returned for alteration, exchange, or refund.  You pay only shipping.

    ***Please note:  All prices throughout the store include 7% sales tax. ***

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